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How much water does your business use? How much does it waste? And how much does it cost you? Did you know we can help you to review and switch? And you could save up to 30% on your commercial water bill! Whether you’re a small restaurant with basic facilities (and a leaky tap!), or a leisure centre with massive water consumption, we can provide the right water contract and support for your business. Talk to us today & start saving!


Benefits of working with Kudos

Reduce Your Water Costs

Our team is dedicated to providing you with top-quality water solution that can save you money and provide you with unbeatable service!

Simplify Business Outgoings

Maybe you have an existing water provider, our water experts can provide a better solution and do all the heavy lifting to make the process a quick and easy switch!

Benefit From Our Experts

You will be able to take advantage of your own personal account manager, who will handle your full energy account and ensure you are receiving the best deal!

Our Water service benefits

Take advantage of the following services that Kudos will provide to your business.

A dedicated Business Development Manager to look after your waste account. (Say hello to friendly service & supplier advice! Wave goodbye to ‘rubbish’ waste collections…)

Our waste partner has been operating since 1972. They know what they’re doing and they do it well. That’s why you can be confident your waste will be collected when we say it will. (And in the rare case that there’s a hold-up, you’ll be the first to know!)

Business changes. Waste fluctuates. People make mistakes. We get it. That’s why it’s no big deal if you go over your waste limit or you put something in the wrong bin. (We won’t hold you to ransom like other companies do.) We’ll simply monitor what’s happening and make sure we’re providing the right service for you going forward.

We promise to provide you with best value, straight-forward, see-through pricing. There are no hidden costs – so you pay the rate you agreed. (And not a penny more!) Note: Our waste partner, doesn’t need to apply additional landfill tax charges as they’re focused on achieving maximum diversion from landfill. (Kudos to them!)

Let us save you time & money by switching your waste supplier for you. (We take care of everything from start to finish!)

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Get in touch with Kudos today and speak to one of our experts. We’ll analyse your current contract and see how much you could save!

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