About Us

Working in partnership

Kudos To Saving have partnered up with one of the UK’s leading water auditing and claims companies – Water Management Solutions (WMS).

Through our exclusive partnership, we have opened up the ability for more UK businesses to receive specialist analysis regarding their water-wastage.

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Our Specialist Team

Our dedicated water-wastage specialists have over 25 years of experience. Within our team, there are a number of experts who will investigate your current water infrastructure.

Our team members include:

Leak Technicians, Billing Analysts, Site Surveyors, Trade Effluent Officers and, Drainage Assessors.

Non-Intrusive Process

In order for us to assess the current situation at your facility, we must initially conduct a granular analysis of your water billing.

The analysis will be to identify any irregularities and anomalies.

Claims will be prepared and submitted with supporting evidence and will always be rigorously negotiated/optimised for the client.

Benefits of working with Kudos

No Win No Fee

We operate on a no win no fee basis so you can take comfort in knowing we have your best intentions at heart.

No Business Outlay

Our partner WMS fund their own activities and absorb costs regarding analysis, mapping, site surveys, negotiations/disputes, and submitting claims.


WMS will continue to monitor water/sewerage and surface water billing over a 12 month period.

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What we investigate for your organisation

Here are the services that our expert auditing team provides for our clients.

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the fantastic work that has been completed through our partner’s WMS. Could your business be next? 

WMS was appointed to work on a project to investigate the annual water efficiency and spend at Hovis. In total £825,000 was achieved in water refunds and savings across their bakery sites.
WMS successfully reclaimed monies in over 50% of Primark's sites in the UK. In total £1.2 Million has been saved across all the sites that were worked on.
Crystal Palace FC, Dundee UTD & QPR
WMS worked with all three clubs and saved them over £100,000 combined across their water usage, leaks, overcharged tariffs and unnecessary wastage.
WMS were commissioned to carry out a multi-site water audit across the UK with the primary aim of reducing water costs. To date with the detailed advice of WMS on future procurement and extensive auditing and payment recovery, the NHS were able to save over £1 Million.

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