The Background of The Social Co.

the social co media agency who did a podcast with kudos to saving about utilities and media

We welcomed James Ogilvie onto the Kudos to Saving podcast!

Stephen and Dom were recently sitting on the Kudos couch with James Ogilvie, one of the founders of The Social Co. The company is a North East based social media marketing agency. At the beginning of the podcast Stephen wanted to know a little about James’ background before he started The Social Co.

James’s background always oriented around media and design. He attended university and only lasted a week (his parents weren’t too happy about that one!) James was trying to explain how his business partners Kane and Phil arranged with him to set up an events business. During the podcast our buildings fire alarm interrupted James. According to Stephen the alarm sounds like a WW2 air raid siren! We’re sure you’ll hear it in the podcast!

The directors from the social co and james ogilvie on the right who is the guy who attended the elevate with kudos podcast

The three amigos started Crowd9 which was a promotional events business focusing on nightclubs and bars in multiple cities. James explained how the business lasted a good while. The problem was they got older and grew especially sick of standing outside in the cold trying to get customers into bars.

The idea of The Social Co. was conceived and the idea rapidly blossomed. The owners slowly phased out Crowd9. The Social Co. began around three years ago and it has been developing and growing exponentially.

James mentioned how, as a business, they are extremely reactive to trends. They help their customers keep up with the time and the pace of all the fast moving industries.

James offered us a lot of advice when it comes to media. He is definitely a guy who has delved deep into the importance of social media. He certainly opened our eyes to how important good content is to your brand!

If you’d like to hear more about James’ story then check out the full podcast: 


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