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Maybe you’re paying a massive line rental fee for your business lines or perhaps you’re tired of poor broadband speeds and outages? Like many busy businesses, you’ve probably let your current contract roll-on too long. But at what cost?

We can help you to review and switch your telecoms to the best leased lines and hosted voice packages.

Whatever your requirements. Kudos can provide the right telecoms solution for your business.

Benefits of working with Kudos

Reduce Your Telecoms Costs

Our team is dedicated to providing you with a telecoms solution that can save you money and provide you with an unbeatable service!

Simplify Business Outgoings

Maybe you have an existing telecoms package, our tech experts can provide a better solution and do all the heavy lifting!

Benefit From Our Experts

You will be able to take advantage of your own personal account manager, who will handle your full energy account and ensure you are receiving the best deal!

Our telecoms services

Take advantage of the following services that Kudos will provide to your business.

Hosted Voice

A dedicated Business Development Manager to look after your telecoms account for both Leased Lines and Hosted Voice. We’ll provide you with a market-leading 30 minute response time and a 4 hour SLA to fix any broadband outages! 

Gone are the days when you need to have fixed landlines. With NO upfront cost for set-up or hardware, Hosted Voice opens up a world of opportunity for your business. 

Your phone system is hosted on our supplier’s server and they route calls to you via the internet…whether you’re at work, at home or on the move! Talk to us about the flexible solutions that hosted voice can provide – no matter what size your business is.

With all the latest technology, Hosted Voice offers a reliable, secure, high-end phone service. The system is fully managed and backed-up by the provider in their data-centre. There are NO maintenance costs, it’s the future of telecoms – so why not future-proof your business now?

The beauty of Hosted Voice is that it can easily grow & scale at the same rate as your business. It’s quick & easy to manage any upgrades or downgrades at the click of a button (e.g. adding in or deleting users).

Leased lines

Broadband is the heartbeat of any business today. If you’ve ever experienced an outage then you’ll know just how true this is! We’re here to make sure you get not only the best price but the best service too.

You want superfast connectivity for your business. Our provider guarantees high speeds even at peak times:

✔ industry-leading speeds up to 10gbps
✔ fast uploads/downloads

You want reliable connectivity for your business.

Our provider guarantees:

✔ industry-leading 99% up-time
✔ 30 min response time
✔4 hour SLA to fix any outages

With the reliability & speed of a Leased Line, comes an increase in efficiency and productivity to fast-forward your business.

(And if your customers rely on your broadband too, then you’re going to have some satisfied customers on your hands!)

Let us save you time & money by switching your telecoms suppliers for you.

(We take care of everything from start to finish!)

Why not see what you can save today?

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