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Are you up for getting more KUDOS for your business? We want to elevate your business and FFWD your growth (not just through savings)…

Want to showcase your business?

Star in a video case study & we’ll spread the word about how great you are (you’re welcome to use it on your website or social media).

Want to be a guest on the couch?

In Elevate with Kudos, we interview & video clients to share how their business is winning big! (Expect a bit of business & a lot of banter!)

Want to boost awareness?

We can also run competitions to raise awarenss, promote and increase exposure for your business (take a look at this one to see the effects).

Want to get involved?

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(We’d love to help you elevate your business so Dom ‘The Producer’ is the man to speak to!)


We celebrate by giving Kudos to those we work with. If you’d like to come join us on the couch, you can book a slot below. Just pop in your details.

Kudos To Media

Learn how you could boost your business through media!

Kudos to Media works with many businesses around the North East. Actively supporting local bar and restaurant owners to elevate their business without large investment.

If you’re interested in elevating your business through Kudos to Media give us a call today or get booked in for a consultation through our calendar below!!

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