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Take control of your energy, and unlock additional value in your assets.



We bring together a range of technologies to deliver unrivaled, fully integrated, DSR capability across your organisational assets. DSR is ideal for energy users who are able to achieve flexibility. Take a look at some of our DSR solutions below:

Energy Bill Management

Proactively manage your energy bills by reducing consumption during peak periods, avoiding higher costs.

Financial Incentives

Create an extra revenue stream, by connecting excess on-site energy generation with the energy markets.

Energy Monitoring

Real-time energy asset monitoring and gain insights into operational activity and asset performance maximise your energy savings.

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We provide optimisation services across a full range of energy-consuming and power generation assets.

E.g. Batteries, standby or back up generation and diesel generators.

E.g. Refrigeration units, chillers, bitumen tanks, water boilers.

E.g. Pumps with VSD/without VSD, compressors, production lines and waste/clean water process.

E.g. Combined Heat and Power units (CHP), solar PV.

E.g. industrial heating, air conditioning units, air handling units and building management systems.



Monetise existing flexible assets with little-to-no CAPEX, and start earning revenue within 3-6 months.

Real-time flexibility, with you in control

  • Incorporate opportunity costs and industrial boundary conditions
  • Ensure solution respects production planning and processes
  • Automation based on our algorithms and patented technology
  • Manage merit order of flexible assets and monitor load availability in real-time
  • Optimisation of market opportunities in wholesale markets, imbalance and TSO charges
  • No investment risk, installation is at zero cost
  • Full transparency of settlement and revenues
Refurbish existing or install new Behind the Meter generation or
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units.

End-to-end project management

  • Eligibility for inclusion within Centrica Business Solutions Synthetic Stack concept to capture more revenue
  • Remote operation of assets for ancillary and wholesale markets • Full control of hourly generation scheduling
  • Full control of hourly generation scheduling
  • End-to-end project management; and post installation servicing & availability guarantees
  • Installation of meters and control panel, upgrades of controls and ensure MCPD* compliance
  • Utilise ancillary market revenues to offset purchase price
  • British Gas Business fuel supply contract (if natural gas)
Utilise energy storage to enable additional market revenues, and
offset the cost of new energy infrastructure.

Installation, dispatch and optimisation

  • Storage allows you to participate in the DSR markets offering the greatest value
  • Potential for 24/7 managed automatic dispatch
  • Revenue stack approach uses advanced algorithms and deep learning
  • End-to-end project management; and post installation servicing & availability guarantees
  • Depth of experience working with the full range of storage options
  • Storage technology agnostic enables solution flexibility
  • Storage ‘as a service’ if CAPEX is a constraint



Our simple eight-stage process will move you rapidly to positive cash flow within three to six months take a look at our stages below:

We engage with you to understand your business needs, energy requirements, challenges and produce a range of options that suit the business.

We conduct a review of usable assets, gather your half hourly power data and produce the necessary data analysis.

We model the commercial benefits of involving your business in DSR, and share the results.

We help you produce a business case and assessment of any return of investment (ROI). If you are using revenue to fund infrastructure, we help here too.

We draft a commercial contract and present to you for signature.

We work with you to design and install your DSR solution, in line with your energy requirements and flexibility goals.

You run your business as per usual, all managed through your energy management platform.

We automatically manage settlement and payment based on revenue share agreed as part of contract.



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