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Take control of your energy by generating your own on site.



Combined Heat and Power (CHP) enables organisations to generate their own electricity on site, reducing reliance on the grid. Additionally, through heat recovery the technology provides free sustainable heat for use across the site. Kudos To Saving can deliver CHP solutions to help organisations reap all the benefits of this technology.
CHP is ideal for energy users who use a mixture of heat and electricity. See some of the benefits below:

Efficient Energy

Simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat
that is almost twice as efficient as traditional centralised generation.

Cheaper Generation

Generate electricity around 1/3 cheaper than prices
charged by conventional UK suppliers.

Supporting Regulations

CHP supports the BREEAM sustainability assessment & supports legislative compliance with Part L of building regulations. (Conservation of fuel and power).

CSR Targets

Helps to meet CSR targets by reducing CO2.

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We provide energy efficiency services across a full range of energy-consuming and power generation assets.
Greyscale hoose

Look at all areas of the site to identify areas where efficiency and performance can be improved.

Install monitoring equipment to check the existing equipment is running as it should and is not wasting energy and use this information to establish baseline energy consumptions.

E.g. Pumps with VSD/without VSD, compressors, production lines and waste/clean water process, LED lighting etc.

Based on the reduced load profile, size and install onsite generation from Combined Heat and Power units (CHP).

Ensure that energy reduction measures are monitored and report on improved on site efficiency. Ensure continuous
operation through regular maintenance.



Our CHP solutions enable you to maximise your savings according to the size of your site load.
combined heat graph



DEP – Discount Energy Purchase

Fully funded – no risk financing

  • DEP is a low risk form of energy supply contract
  • We fund, supply, install, operate and maintain the equipment
  • We sell the electricity from the system at a Discounted pence per kWh rate
  • Heat generated by the CHP is provided without charge
  • Customers benefits from day 1 by having discounted electricity
  • A route to the benefits of CHP operation without the need to invest capital funds
  • Flexibility – the customer remains free to select their own gas and electricity suppliers

Capital Purchase


All the benefits directly to the customer

  • All savings generated can be used to invest elsewhere in the business
  • Payback typically 2-5 years
  • Full operation and maintenance contracts available
  • Still eligible for incentives e.g. CHPQA
  • Remote monitoring to ensure optimised operation
  • Freedom to source finance or use internal funds
  • Align spending with budget cycle
Energy Services Agreement

Installation, dispatch and optimisation

  • Performance-based contracts
  • Organisations implement energy efficiency projects, without any upfront capital outlay
  • Guaranteed performance levels
  • A fixed rate of payment
  • Spread the cost across the lifetime of the contract
  • No upfront costs
  • Savings occur immediately as the project comes online



Our simple eight-stage process will move you rapidly to positive cash flow within three to six months take a look at our stages below:

We engage with you to understand your business needs and energy usage, looking at the utility consumption of the site (grid electricity and natural
gas) and the associated tariffs (ie p/kWh).

We carry out a simple evaluation for CHP viability By calculating the “sparkspread” between the grid electricity tariff and the natural gas tariff.

Once viability is proven, we ensure suitability for interfacing the CHP and establishing the connective loads are achievable. We ensure all installation factors are considered.

We explain the various funding options available and explain the different saving options. We will then draft a commercial contract and present to you for signature.

We use our in-house team to design and manufacture every single CHP, our dedicated design and production teams ensure your CHP is a perfect fit for your site.

All our units go through thorough testing before leaving the factory. Our skilled engineers commission the CHP at your site to ensure smooth operation.

You run your business as per usual, all managed through your energy management platform.

We automatically manage settlement and payment based on revenue share agreed as part of contract.



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