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Welcome to our new website! The past year at Kudos has been a huge success. We’ve expanded our team, created lots of new relationships, moved to a new office, built up our brand and now…The new website!

Our website is designed with you in mind. If you’re someone who wants to find out if you can save then check out our services page. Perhaps you are interested in a partnership, well it’s super simple to get in touch! We wanted to create a space where businesses can come and fix there utility contracts hassle free! The best part is, we’ll always be upfront and honest, if you’re already on a cracking deal, we’ll let you know!

At Kudos we can offer you support with:

Our expert team offer comprehensive support across all of the services listed above, with our new website we cant to make it easy for you to get in touch! If you’d rather not talk on the phone then you can fill out one of our useful contact forms on each of the service pages and one of our team will get back to you!

So if you think you might be able to make a saving why don’t you consider checking out one of our services to see if you can save?Check us out on social below!

The Dog & Parrot

Newcastle upon Tyne has became quite the vibrant social hub for many foodies and bar goers alike. Newcastle in recent years has had a number of hot spots cropping up across the city which means there’s always options when your apatite jumps up and growls for some epic grub! Restaurants around Newcastle join up usually twice a year and offer some great deals for all you foodies out there to chew, chomp and crunch on! In the wake of the 2019 restaurant week Me and Dom were thinking ‘wouldn’t it be cool to show off some of the sick restaurants sitting in the city’ so that’s exactly what we did!

We decided to venture out on the Friday before restaurant week began…We spoke to some restaurant owners before we set off and set up some times to go and film their venues. The first place we went to was Meat:Stack based in the Dog & Parrot pub.

On a side note if you’re someone who loves the alternative music and Brit pop style you’ll love the Dog & Parrot. I mean they have a huge painting of David Bowie outside, come on, admit it, that’s kinda cool! Meat:Stack sits comfortably inside of the pub, and during the quiet hours the restaurant serves food around the bar however when the place picks up they open the quiet upstairs so you foodies can sneak away to enjoy some banging burgers!

The restaurant week deal consists of:

£10 Offer Any cheeseburger (inc. Triples) with a side of beef dripping fries.

£15 Offer

Any cheeseburger (inc. Triples) with a side of loaded fries and wings.

The offer only runs at the Dog & Parrot venue however if you’re in a rush, or fancy chilling at a hidden gem. Meat:Stack also have a small spot located within the Grainger Market, check it out, it’s really cool! Meat:Stack offer some of the best burgers in Newcastle, if you’re ever craving a solid burger give them a try you’ll not be disappointed!

You can find their website here:


Sachins as an absolute must go! If you love fine authentic Indian cuisine then get to Sachins. Do it, Do it NOW. Just kidding but seriously they offer some amazing food and they are one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Newcastle. Bob is the chef and owner of the restaurant and the place is treated like his home, there is a real care for customers there and you will feel the warm welcome when you go in!

Sachins sits comfortably at the top of Forth banks. The restaurant is directly opposite from the police station just behind central station. Check them out and say hello to Bob if you see him! We guarantee that you’ll love the food and they have a wide variety of Indian/Punjabi cuisine!

Sachins offer restaurant week offer: 2 Courses £15

Sachins has an amazing interior and chilled out vibe to it, the long tables and large windows really light the place up and create a beautiful setting especially on an evening. This is the perfect place for a romantic date. You could definitely please your special someone with an awesome curry with a side of romance. Sachins also has a “curly wurly” stairs…Thanks Dom. Sachins has a set of spiral stairs taking you to the second floor and its a real nice addition to the restaurant and it’s certainly not something you see in many restaurants.

The next place we went to is an absolute gem hidden just off the bustling Northumberland Street. It’s an awesome barbecue joint hidden down a stairway that leads to a slick and pure environment primed for an excellent eating experience. It’s The Purple Bear.

The Purple Bear really is an excellent spot and the happy medium it’s chilled out vibe but slick cocktail and food menu allows the restaurant to cater for a multitude of people ranging from the mid-day shoppers to the perfect starting point for the night owls before hitting the bars. The staff are very welcoming and it has a homely feel to it. We should probably let you know that they also host an epic quiz night on a Thursday with some nice prizes on offer! Check out what they are about and you need to try the food!

To wrap up the bear, its a sweet spot with plenty to offer, great food, amazing cocktails, friendly staff and a real good feel to the place. I think me and Dom will be visiting the place a little more often the reception we got was great so thanks guys!

The offer: 2 Courses for £10 or 3 Courses for £15.

Our new branding marks the next chapter at Kudos to Saving. It’s more than a logo. As with all innovative, well thought out branding it has meaning behind it that we would like to share on this blog.

Kudos has been expanding rapidly, the team continues to grow, and we are taking strides forward every day. Kudos has certainly changed a lot since its origin, but the values it was founded upon remain at the core of the business and it is important to us that those values are communicated through our branding.

We have established ourselves in the North East and our reputation is growing nationwide. Due to the continued growth, we thought it was important to delve in to our branding, how it represented who we are as a business, and the message it conveyed to our current and prospective clients.

The logo has a lot of meaning behind it which we will explain in this blog.

New Kudos Logo

The new logo is a ‘K’ and an arrow. The ‘K’ represents Kudos and the arrow represents our intention to Elevate your business. The colours represent each of the services we offer coming together, through Kudos, to Elevate your business.

Yellow represents Energy and how Kudos can help your business save money on your energy and protect your business.


Orange represents card payment solutions and how Kudos can ensure that you get next day payments and industry leading rates when using us for your card machines.

Card Payment Solutions

Red represents how using Kudos for telecoms can provide your business with the best phone and broadband solutions at affordable prices.


Blue represents water and how Kudos will always try to save you money on your water.


Green represents waste management. Kudos works with one of the most innovative waste management companies around with a real focus on quality service.


So, we know what each colour means but what about the shape? The Kudos ‘K’ doubles up as an arrow that stands for Elevate. We believe when you work with Kudos you are taking a step forward in elevating your business.

Kudos can help to elevate your business by going the extra mile when it comes to working with you. Kudos not only looks into a your utilities and reducing your bottom line, we also look to see if there’s a way we can implement your business into our growing network.

We will help you promote and highlight your business and services, through social media, in order to help you drive more clients to your door. This is the essence of elevating your business.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you Save money, Elevate your business and Fast Forward your growth then please get in touch with one of the team on 0191 359 2309 or contact us by email at

We are extremely excited our new website will be released soon, so keep your eyes peeled on our social channels.